About Us

Almajd Trading Plc is a young and dynamically growing company specializing in Export of Ethiopian high quality Spices, pulses and oilseeds .It has a main office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and a ware house in Adama/ Nazreth Ethiopia and Dessie/Wello , Ethiopia. Almajd trading plc produces oilseeds, pulses and spices of high quality. We export oilseeds like sesame seeds, Niger seeds, Rape seeds etc. we also export pulses like light speckled beans, red speckled beans, white beans, chickpeas, green mung ,red kidney beans, soya beans etc. We also export spices like Ginger, Turmeric, pumpkin seed, coriander seed black cumin seed etc….
In a very short period of time our company has managed to acquire rich and reliable experience in the international market. We have also created a job opportunity for more than 100 peoples and increasing.
Our company imports fast going consumer goods/FGCG/ and related items (especially refined edible sunflower oil) trucks, electronics materials and stationery for Ethiopian market.
To be the leading supplier and exporter of Ethiopian high quality agricultural commodities such as oil seeds, pulses and spices.
– Our mission is to continually expand our successful line of products; keep our margins as high as possible; and increase our revenues through constant marketing efforts to buyers.
– Promoting Ethiopian product to the international market through its competent work force and managerial skill to the best satisfaction of its customers.
Having recognized the existence of favorable policy on one hand and the availability of market opportunity on the other, ALMAJD Trading Private Limited Company had decided to involve in the activity of oil seeds exporting sesame, peanuts/kernels, green mung beans, Niger seeds & kidney beans, spices export in particular and import of fast going consumer goods , electronic and stationary items, different types of trucks and construction machinery.
The Major objectives of ALMAJD Trading Private Limited Company are:
• To export high quality Ethiopian agricultural and none agricultural product to the global market
• To contribute to ‘Poverty Reduction Strategy’ of the country mainly through the creation of employment opportunity and
• To contribute to the recent Growth and Transformation Plan by deriving national foreign exchange earnings through increasing export volume of oil seeds, pulses & spices
• Importing
• manufacturing
• To provide quality and quantity products as fair price to local and international market
• To Be highly customer responsive
• To Export high quality  Sesame Seeds, and Other oil seeds like sesame seeds, Niger seeds, Rape seeds, Peanuts etc.. Pulses like Kidney beans (white/Red/Light speckled kidney beans/red speckled kidney beans/pinto beans, cream beans, chick peas, soya bean, greenmung etc….Spices like ginger (Dry/wet), Turmeric (finger/round), Black cumin etc… & pumpkin seed as well 
• Create good relationships with our buyers of agricultural products by exporting products within specified shipment period.
• To establish latest grain plant and its certification.
• Maintaining strong and long lasting customer relationship.
• Establish latest manufacturing plant especially in the manufacturing of fast going consumer goods.
Keys to success
ALMAJD Trading Private Limited Company keys to long –term success and profitability are as follows
– Establishing good relationship with suppliers, brokers and importers of diverse countries and vice versa.
– Differentiate our services to our niche clients so that they realize that we are better able to serve their needs than a more generic competitor.
– Commitment to quality and adaptation of the state of art technology.
– Keep close contract with clients and establishing a well functioning long-term relationship with them to generate repeat business and create top notch reputations.
Organizational Capability and Competitive Advantage
– One of the values of Almajd trading plc is professionalism. In line with this the company has highly qualified employee. The composition of the qualification of the employees consists of Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma and Certificate.
– Our exporting capacity in bulk and with consistence is high as the company performs exporting 7000MT of Sesame Seeds as well as 6500MT Species within short period.
– The organization has an organizational structure that facilitates the coordination of its activities. The organizational structure is up dated as conditions necessitate. Along with the organization structure job description have prepared for all post in the company.
– The business is running with uncompromising honesty and professional excellence effectively to the fulfillment customer satisfaction.